How Much Does Ducted Reverse Cycle Air Conditioning Cost?

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We get asked every day what ducted air conditioning costs to install, and whilst every home and each of our clients’ needs are different, we have been around long enough to know the air conditioning requirements of the average Perth home.

So we can certainly give you a ball park figure of the average costs to install a ducted reverse cycle air conditioner in your new or existing home.

Typical ducted reverse cycle 4 x 2 house pricing:

The average Perth 4 x 2 home will require a 12kW system combined with an 8 outlet / 4 zone package;
that’s 1 x outlet in each bedroom, 3 x oulets in the living, kitchen, dining area and 1 x outlet in a study/theatre. The most practical 4 zone zoning configuration is

Zone 1: Kitchen, living, dining
Zone 2: Theatre
Zone 3: Master bed
Zone 4: Beds 2-4

This package for ducted air conditioning for a 4×2 would typically cost $8,000 to $9,000 fully installed inc gst

The above price is based on a LG 12-14.8kw Inverter system including the Brand new LG Deluxe touch screen zone controller, all ducting & components are supplied by quality ducting (manufactured in Australia – no inferior imports here J) & installation is carried out in one day with usually 4 people.

Now as stated before every system  installed is custom designed for that particular property and our individual clients’ needs, the above price is to help give an idea of what ducted reverse cycle air conditioning costs to install. If you need more zones, more outlets or a larger system to run more of the home at any one time your air con company will tailor your quotation accordingly.

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Ducted Air conditioning extra costs

There can be extra costs associated with installing ducted air conditioning depending on the luxury components you require.

  • Smart Zone Controller with WIFI

  • Smart zone controllers are usually luxury items. These include the Air touch 4. They allow the use of individual thermostats for superior room control and have WIFI compatability allowing you to control your home through mobile apps and a nice panel on the walls. Smart controllers will cost up to $1000 and as low as $500

  • Individual room thermostats

  • Each room can be give accurate temperature readings so the smart controller can allow tailored temperatures in each room. To do this a thermostat sensor must be placed in the desired room, wired up and then configured to the smart controller. The price for an individual thermostat ranged depending on install location from $70 to $300 each.

  • Ducting Upgrade

  • All ducting is not created equal. Our common standard used ducting is R1.0 energey efficiency ducting with high density polyester lining and stainless steel spring inner coil for added strength and shape retention. The result of all this engineering meets Australian strength, mould, temperature and fire standards. To further increase your overall systems performance and efficiency you can upgrade your systems ducting to R1.5 rated ducting which allows less cold air to escape. This usually costs about $250- $350 per house.

  • Air con zones

  • Zones are mechanical components within the ducting system that allows air conditioning to directed to certain rooms while the others won’t receive cooling. Zones are fantastic and the price you pay for them initially will pay it self off in a very short time. The reason for this is because your air conditioning unit do not need to run at full power all the time. In turn, allowing less consumption of electricity.