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Ducted Air Conditioning Perth

We offers a wide variety of products to match your specific air conditioning requirements. Whether you choose a ducted reverse cycle inverter air conditioner or a conventional ducted air con system, you will receive a full warranty! Ducted air conditioners use different types of air conditioning vents and thermal ducting in the roof 

When you buy from our Advantage Air range of ducted and reverse cycle air conditioning systems you will most likley receive their unbeatable 10-year warranty on the majority of their items and components. Keeping cool in the Perth heat has never been easier or more affordable!

Why buy ducted air conditioning?

Ducted inverter air conditioners are more economical – they gradually increase their power output to match the changing temperature, as opposed to the “start/stop” nature of conventional units. At Air Conditioning Perth WA, we proudly offer fully installed ducted reverse cycle air con, in both conventional & inverter technology by:

We proudly endorse the move towards inverter air conditioning technology. Now when someone says “What is ducted air conditioning?” you can say “MY air conditioner!”

The benefits of inverter technology in ducted air conditioning systems

Inverter Air Conditioners are more powerful and yet more energy efficient than conventional ducted reverse cycle air conditioning systems. Conventional air conditioners run at a set speed, giving out a set amount of heating and cooling with no variation in their output.

Inverter technology in your ducted air conditioner is better for your budget, and better for the environment. You can have a ducted reverse cycle air conditioning system installed in your home for less when you choose Air Conditioning WA.