We know the stress of having retro fit work carried out in your home, so thats why our contractors are not only fully qualified and accredited tradesmen but also specialise in domestic installations and are sensitive to

 our clients needs whilst working in their home.

  • The full installation can be completed in one day, with a start time of 7am. Before any work commences our team leader will confirm all outlet and controller locations.
  • Your choice of advantage air sunline, streamline, or silhouette ceiling diffusers will be connected to t

    he system by 50mm insulated fire rated flexible duct.

  • The outdoor compressor unit will be located on ground level with the final position to be confirmed onsite with the installation manager, the unit will be mounted on rubber feet to reduce vibration.

Please note: the location of the outdoor unit must take into consideration statutory regulations & warranty requirements.

  • The indoor fan coil unit will be suspended from the rafters (where possible) within the roof space. Primary and secondary drains shall be provided from the fancoil unit with a gradient fall to a drain point.
  • Where possible a choice of classic cream, manor red, or Cottage green Colourbond pipe covers shall be supplied. if notified prior to installation additional colour ranges can be supplied at a charge, galvanised covers are also available on request.
 We can assist you installing major brands such as:

Air Con Installation Cost

Air Conditioning WA Perth provide reverse cycle ducted conditioning solutions to both new and existing homes and double storey and single storey properties alike.

Need an old air conditioner removed? No problems that can be done too.

Single Storey

To install ducted air conditioning in single storey homes, is a straight forward process as experienced team, the installation usually will be carried out in just one day; The guys arrive at 7am and by dinner time you have your own climate controlled environment. Single storey homes Installations costs Range from $6500 – $11,000 depending on the size of the home, aspect, the features needed & number of occupants.

Double Storey

Installing ducted air conditioning in double storey homes requires access during the build process, generally access is needed once the roof covers go on but before the lower level ceilings and bulkheads are installed. Timing is crucial and that is why it is important the air conditioning installer liaise directly with you builder letting them know when access is needed. You should also be supplied a full air conditioning requirement brief for your builder outlining what allowances need to be made for the air conditioning ducting and components.

For example to provide air conditioning to the ground floor, penetrations will need to be provided by your builder in exact locations depending on the home layout, system design and zoning configuration.
To provide air conditioning to areas of the ground floor that are under the slab dropped ceiling will be required, and or bulkheads. 
The exact penetration & bulkhead size and locations, will be included in the air con brief to your builder. 
Double storey home installations will start at approximately $9,000 – $22,000 fully installed. 

Aircon WA recommends high tech affordable systems for double storey homes as these variable air flow technologies increase accurate air flow for longer duct runs. They also have smart phone integration functions, removing the need for multiple controllers throughout the home.