Daikin standard vs premium inverter

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Premium Inverter

Daikin’s Premium Inverter can comfortably operate across a wide range of power outputs, continually adjusting its cooling or heating capacity to suit the temperature in your home. A Daikin Premium Inverter’s advanced technology means it is also more powerful, so your desired room temperature is achieved more quickly than with conventional air conditioners. Daikin’s Premium Inverter ensures that as the set temperature is achieved, it is constantly maintained, allowing your unit to operate optimally at all times and minimising energy consumption.
Daikin’s Premium Inverter range also allows a generous piping run of up to 75 metres between indoor and outdoor units for many models, giving you a great deal of flexibility in locating the outdoor unit. On the heating cycle, the wider operating range allows your Daikin Air conditioner premium inverter to perform even at extremely low ambient temperatures down to -15°C. difference

Standard Inverter

Daikin’s Standard Inverter, whilst still providing the benefits of inverter technology, has a reduced range of capacity outputs when compared to a Premium Inverter. A Standard Inverter may potentially take a little longer to achieve your desired room temperature, but once it reaches the desired level, the system uses its limited inverter technology to steadily maintain your optimal temperature setting. Further, the Standard Inverter has a reduced maximum piping length between indoor and outdoor units and a restricted heating range compared to Premium Inverter models.

Daikin offers both Standard & Premium Inveters, while LG and Fujitsu product range include Premium inverters Only.

So what is best for you? well the only way to really tell is to have a heat load calculation carried out on your home or measured from house plans, but generally as long as the Standard inverter system is sized correctly for your air conditioning needs, as it doesnt have the ability to exceed its rated kW capacity like the Premium Inverter, this is a great option for those on a tighter budget as the standard inverters are about $700-$1000 less expensive than the Premium inverters.

For larger homes, homes that want air con in all rooms including the kitchen or homes with greater heat loads the more powerful Premium Inverter would be recommended.

Premium vs standard inverter