Convert Evaporative Air Conditioning to Reverse Cycle (9 Reasons)

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Air Con Perth WA help replace evaporative systems with new fully ducted reverse cycle systems on a weekly basis so we have compiled a little list of reasons why you should make the move to a reverse cycle ducted system!

1. Keep Warm in Winter
Ducted reverse cycle heating provides a cheaper running costs than a gas heating system.

2. More effective cooling in Summer
Perth summers are getting more humid. EVAP systems add moisture to the air therefore amplifying the humidity within the household. Ducted reverse air conditioners use refrigerated climate control which takes the moisture out of the air, reducing humidity.

3. A quality reverse cycle ducted system will add value to your home.

4. Flexibility with zones
A ducted reverse air conditioner allows you to zone up your outlets/rooms how you want. These zones can then be turned on and off as they are required.

5. Temperature control
Ducted reverse air conditioning allows you to select your ideal temperature for your home.

6. Save your water bill!
EVAP systems require a constant run of water for cooling, whereas, ducted reverse air conditioners work on refrigerant gas therefore no water is needed for the running of these systems.


7. Aesthetics of your home
The majority of evaporative systems are mounted on the roof, affecting the aesthetics of your home. Ducted reverse air conditioner systems give you more flexibility with the location of the outdoor unit, which can be hidden down the side of the house on paving or mounted on wall brackets.

8. Functionality
Are you sick of having to constantly open your window when wanting to run your EVAP system? Ducted reverse cycle air conditioners have return air grilles which allows the air to circulate around the house without having to open windows.

9. Mode control
Ducted reverse auditioning offers you four modes of comfort depending on your needs; cooling, heating, fan (low/med/high) and dehumidification.

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