Air conditioning Tips & Troubleshooting

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Helpful Tips

Tips for using your new air conditioning system in Hot Weather
Our motto is prevention is better than the cure. Prevent the build up of hot air in your home by closing blinds, doors & windows.
  • Always turn on your Perth air conditioner early in the morning to prevent build up of heat loads in rooms and building structure
  •  Set cooling temperature to between 25-28 degrees depending on the insulating factors of your home
  • If you arrive home and a build up of hot air has occurred, turn on your system to cooling and high fan speed,  open doors and windows in living areas to push out the hot air. Wait approximately 5 minutes and close up the house again
  • If your system design has a feeder outlet ensure there is a good flow to the Return air grille
  • Set the programmable timer to turn on the AC system before you get home to counteract heat load build up
  • Ensure that the total number of selected zones do not exceed the air conditioning system kW capacity
  • To increase cooling capacity on very hot days close down zones to main living area only

Air Conditioning Trouble Shooting

Air conditioners can need repairs and services but it is best to try draw them out for as long as possible to save you money.

1.    System is not cooling

  • Check the total number of zones in operation do not exceed the systems maximum kw capacity. See your quotation for individual zone kw ratings
  • Check set temp. If the set temperature is set too low it will cause the system to overwork and not cool effectively or efficiently. Ensure set temp is not lower than 23 degrees
  • Has the correct mode been selected? Select snow flake for Cooling
  • Make sure doors to non air conditioned areas are closed, this will enhance the effectiveness of your system
  • Clean Return air grille, a dusty air grille will reduce cooing & heating capacity greatly

2.   No power to controller

  • Check that the system has not tripped on both the power board and air con isolator. The isolator switch can be found at the outdoor unit

3. System is switching off

  • Check that the timer mode has not been selected by accident
4.   CH error Code
  • Your air conditioning system has a self diagnostic function, if you have an error code on your controller contact our office & one of our friendly consultants will assist you.